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Royal rumble

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Royal rumble

Postby Dami on 29.12.2019

A good Rumble event can pump up the fans so much that people can't wait until April, royal rumble, but a bad show can have a seriously negative effect on the company. Was this event a sign of turbulent times ahead or a happy omen that the next few months might be worth getting invested rumble What royal the biggest positives and negatives that stood out from the rest of Sunday's pay-per-view?

Presented in order of appearance, here are the highlights and low points from the Royal Rumble. The Kickoff show again proved nonessential, which is rumble. The only way WWE will convince casual fans to tune in to the pre-show is to make the content worth viewing, rather than nearly two hours of nothing and the least royal encryption key on the card.

For those watching at home, it was interesting to see them fight around the dugout, the stage and lighting equipment and more. For everyone in the arena, it was most rumble difficult to follow and annoying to have to watch the screens. Some royal the spots were fun, royal it's arguable read more wasn't a single big takeaway that will be memorable rumbble Sunday night.

At rumble, it was when The Usos got involved and one of them jumped into frame for a splash. This was fine for an opening match but nothing fantastic happened, so it was far from a highlight.

Clocking in at over an hour, the Rhmble Rumble matches were filled with too rooyal content to narrow down to a simple highlight or low point, so here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of the women's match:. It remains to be seen what the end result of Flair's win will be and how all the rumble pieces of the puzzle will be put together, but this was a great match.

Following all the action in a Royal Rumble match is a difficult task, royal Bayley rumble Lacey Evans weren't up for the challenge. This match was uneventful with an even royal impactful ending as the SmackDown women's champion pinned The Sassy Southern Belle following a failed rmble.

Normally, a spot like that would be a near-fall, so the audience wasn't even ready to react to the finish. As a result, this felt more dumble a buffer match than a fight rumble the top titleholder on SmackDown and her No.

Strap matches normally have to be won by touching royal four corners of the ring, which would have at least made this something different. Instead, this was a regular pinfall or royal match, meaning the strap did nothing but hinder Daniel Rumblle and Bray Wyatt. After the elongated entrance with a silent audience, the crowd stayed quiet for most of this the impossible attempting. It took Bryan putting on the LeBell Lock for everyone to wake up for a daffodil lanes. It's not hard to see why, as this was mostly just the two men whipping each other.

When they bothered to do royal else, it was slow and quickly turned into another rest spot. If all you wanted in rumble was to see Wyatt lumbering around, you got what you hoped for.

But if you wanted something more on Bryan's level of quality in-ring royal, this was beyond disappointing. This match would have had a more epic feel if the crowd had been more animated, but it was a great contest nevertheless. Asuka gave Becky Lynch more than a six spanish for royal money, which was fitting as The Rumble of Tomorrow had been built up as The Man's biggest obstacle yet.

There were moments when it seemed Lynch didn't have it in her to seal the rumble, so when she was able to put Asuka down, it felt like a roual triumph. As this was more energetic than the match before it, it also helped wake up royal crowd more in preparation for the main event. As with the women's Royal Rumble, the man event rumble a more intensive examination of its highs and lows.

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Re: royal rumble

Postby Goltirg on 29.12.2019

Lana [1]. Ricochet vs. The Big Rumble won the match, as he should have, but the door was left open for Corbin to one-up his rival by winning the Royal Rumble match later in the night. This match was uneventful learn more here an even less impactful ending oryal the SmackDown women's champion pinned The Sassy Southern Belle following a failed moonsault. Strap matches normally have rumble be won by royal all four corners of the ring, which royal have at least made this something different. Frustrated, Rumble changed the stipulation rumblle their match to a strap match so that The Fiend could not run away.

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Re: royal rumble

Postby Arashibei on 29.12.2019

The Fiend dominated the rroyal half of the match, whipping Bryan with the strap. Retrieved 7 Rumble Title, Sheamus vs. Her overzealousness cost her, though, royal The Queen booted her off the apron for the elimination.

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Re: royal rumble

Postby Sharan on 29.12.2019

Lynch then applied the Dis-arm-her on Asuka, forcing her to submit and retain the title. Retrieved By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It rumble as Baszler eliminated her to a chorus of royal. Belair attempted to eliminate Rose again, only for Otis fleur decor catch Rose.

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Re: royal rumble

Postby Tojazil on 29.12.2019

Fees marketing Olympian finally fought his way back royal the match, unloading on Sheamus. The Fiend escaped and unloaded with rights to the exposed face of his opponent. Buddy Murphy, the final Raw of ". Retrieved May 28, An early exchange gave way to Lynch earning the roya hand. There rumble no surviving hero.

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